Through the ROI Association, Simona David Crisbășanu has been involved since 2011 in innovative „grassroots” education projects that support teachers, students, and parents in collaborating for a better school, bringing a wealth of experience in communication, coaching, facilitation, and the private sector. As president of the Romanian Federation Coalition for Education, along with other non-governmental organizations, she contributes to public policy proposals aiming for systemic changes.

Flagship projects

Simona successfully introduced the coaching process in the educational system in Romania, being a supporter of collaboration between teachers, students, parents and other stakeholders.

She coordinated the educational project “Romping – Education through coaching”, successfully implemented in five high schools with poor performance and mostly with disadvantaged students, in partnership with Leadership in Motion. She produced a documentary movie   –  “Nay, we can!” – in order to share this project’s results.

She carried forward the “Education through coaching” project through training teams of volunteers,  through “Adopt a High School” project and other initiatives, such as a map of innovative schools who change education in Romania. She has worked with hundreds of teachers, students and parents, supporting them by team coaching, facilitation and training.


In 2014, the prestigious magazine Foreign Policy Romania nominated Simona among the 100 Romanians who by the power of their ideas or example move things forward in Romania. She also received the Award “Woman of the Year 2014 for Excellence in Education” from Advantages Magazine. In 2017, Ashoka included her on the map of social inovators in Romania. In 2018, she was one of the 100 women in the book „The Civice Force of Women”.

Her roles

Simona fulfills multiple roles from developer to project coordinator, but also leverages on her expertise in communication, education, mentoring, facilitation and coaching. Since 2013, Simona is certified by the Leadership in Motion to use the coaching methodology Action, Reflection, Learning in education. She also applies the principles of Solution-Focused Brief Coaching, having a certification in Brief Coaching.

A graduate in economics, Simona has worked for years as a business journalist in the written press and then she has coordinated the communication departments of multinational companies (such as Philip Morris), Romanian companies and the public sector.

The study „Developing skills to teenagers in Romania noncogitive”


Simona is coauthor of the study „Developing skills in adolescents noncogitive in Romania”, conducted by a team of experts brought together by the ROI Association for UNICEF Romania. A dollar invested indevelopment programs of socio-emotional skills brings benefits of $ 11 in the long term,  one research cited in the study shows. The study was published in 2016 and can be downloaded here.

Authors (alphabetical order): Magdalena Balica, Oana Benga, Violeta Caragea, Simona David – Crisbăşanu, Delia Goia, Irina Horga, Oana Iftode

Coordination of UNICEF: Eugenia Apolzan, Alexandra Grigorescu


100 faces of innovation

Simona contributed to the book „100 faces of innovation” with a story about the Coalition for Education. An updated version of the article here .



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